Climate Control Repair & Recharge Service

Climate Control

Wether you're hot in the summer or cold in winter, we can make sure your climate control system is running right. Sometimes your A/C just needs a quick rechage.

If you crank the heat in winter and hot air isn't coming from your vents you have a problem. If you sweat it out each summer on road trips, it is often just a simple recharge required.

Trust the team at Banff Service with all of your climate control issues. We are sure to keep you warm all winter and cool all summer with the parts, tools and know how.

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Do you have a hard time warming up the car in the winter? Could be an issue with the heater core. Not to worry, we offer heater core replacements you can trust.

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If the fans are running but the air won't get cold, it could be a simple AC recharge. Bring your car in and we will have you keeping cool in the summer time.